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The Society for Creative Anachronism is a nonprofit, educational group devoted to recreating the Middle Ages, in the present time.
The Barony Beyond the Mountain (aka BBM), is a local branch of this society, which encompasses Northern and Eastern Connecticut.
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Local & Regional Events Happening This Week/Weekend

Friday, Sep 4 - Monday, Sep 71
Camp Is-sho-Da, 231 Upper Mannix Rd, East Greenbush, NY (this side of Albany)
For more detailed information and directions to get there

Friday, Sep 4 - Monday, Sep 71
YMCA Camp Takodah, 55 Fitzwilliam Rd, Richmond, NY
For more detailed information and directions to get there

See the East Kingdom Events list

Local and Regional Activities

Business Meetings
Newcomer's Meetings
Fighting & Archery Practices
Arts & Sciences Workshops
(The next TWITOR topic(s) and location are TBD.
Brewing Workshops

Upcoming Barony & Regional Events

 "Feast of John Barleycorn" Sep 11-13, North Salem, NY
 "Arts & Sciences Salon" Sep 12, Scotia, NY
 "Needingham County Fair" Sep 18-20, Coventry, RI   
BBM Is Co-Hosting - "Artifacts of A Life" Sep 26, 2015, Walpole, MA
 "CORONATION of Brennan II & Caoilfhionn II" Oct 3, Albany, NY      
 "St Elegius" Nov 14, Meriden, CT
BBM Is Hosting - "BBM/Bergental Yule" Dec 5, 2015, HSC Community Center, New Britain, CT

For more complete, upcoming event information

Learn About Barony Beyond the Mountain

Baron Dorigen and Baroness Eloise received a majority vote of confidence, from the officers of the Barony, so they will remain in their positions as Baron and Baroness of Barony Beyond the Mountain, for another 3 years.

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Summer Solstice Shoot 2015 Photos

Unnatural Axes 2015 Photos

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