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The Society for Creative Anachronism is a nonprofit, educational group devoted to recreating the Middle Ages, in the present time.
The Barony Beyond the Mountain (aka BBM), is a local branch of this society, which encompasses Northern and Eastern Connecticut.
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Local & Regional Event's Happening This Week/Weekend

Thursday, Apr 17, 6:00 P.M. - 8:45 P.M.
New Britain Public Library, New Britain, CT
This meeting is open to anyone in the general public, who has an interest in the SCA. Come find out what we are all about. Get help getting started with your persona, and/or your garb. Meet some of the local members. If you are already in the SCA/BBM, come meet the new folks, and/or work on a project you already have in progress. For more information and directions to get there

Saturday, Apr 19
Mountain Mist Outdoor Center, 576 High Hill Rd, Meriden, CT
For more detailed information and directions to get there

For more detailed information and directions to get there

See the East Kingdom Events list

Local and Regional Activities

Business Meetings
Newcomer's Meetings
Fighting & Archery Practices
Arts & Sciences Workshops
(The next TWITOR topic(s) and location are TBD.
Brewing Workshops

Upcoming Barony & Regional Events

BBM Fiber Arts Demo "Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival" Apr 26, Tolland Fair Grounds, Tolland, CT
"East Kingdom Brewer's Collegium", Apr 25-27, Plymouth, MA
"Swamp Swap and Schola", Apr 26, Millington, NJ
"Walpurgisnacht at Stonebridge Gambol House" May 2-4, Coventry, RI
"Carolingian Family Day" May 3, Groveland, MA
BBM Is Hosting - "a Newcomer's Gathering" May 8, New Britain Public Library, New Britain, CT   
BBM Is Hosting - "May Faire" May 10, New Britain, CT   
"May-Be" May 10 Moorestown, NJ
"House Three Skulls 30th Anniversary Grand Festival, May 10, Middle Island, NY
"Anglespur Dinner Dance", May 10, Castleton-On-Hudson, NY
"Crown Tournament" May 17, L'Īle-Perrot, Quebec
"Schola Faire" May 17, Lancaster, MA
"Panteria XVIV" May 23 - 26, Thetford, VT
"War of the Roses" May 23 - 26, Pattersonville, NY
"The Quest for Wit and Wisdom XXX" May 23 - 26, Pittstown, NJ
"King's & Queen's Archery Championship" May 31, Greenfield, MA     
"Ostgardr and An Dubhaigeainn Challenge" Jun 7, Plainview, NY (Long Island)
"Palio di Stonemarche" Jun 13 - 15, Contoocook, NH
"Sommer Draw" Jun 13 - 15, Greenfield, MA
"King's & Queen's Champions of Arms" Jun 20 - 22, Middle Island, NY   
"Southern Region War Camp / EK Thrown Weapons Champion Tourney", Jun 27 - 29, Manalapan, NJ   
"Northern Region War Camp", Jul 3 - 6, Warrensburg, NY   
"Potted Arms and Fancy Faire VIII" Jul 12, Huntington, NY
"Pennsic 43" Jul 25 - Aug 10, Slippery Rock, PA
"King's & Queen's Equestrian Championship (At Quintavia Summer Celebration" Aug 23, Groton, MA   
BBM'S CANTON OF RAVENHILL Is Hosting - "Unnatural Axes V" Aug 23, Bethel, CT
BBM Fiber Arts Demo "Eastern States Exposition (The BIG E)" Sep date TBD, West Springfield, MA
"Funeral Games of John Barleycorn" Sep 5 - 7, North Salem, NY
"River War" Sep 12 - 14, Williamstown, NJ   
"White Mare and the Flowers for Chivalry" Sep 12 - 14, Wappingers Falls, NY
"Thrown Weapons U" Sep 12 - 14, Carmel, NY
"Neddingham Country Fair" Sep 19 - 21, Coventry, RI
"Eastern Rose Tourney" Sep 20, Feeding Hills, MA   
"Arrows and Ales in the Meade Hall" Sep 20, Middle Island, NY
"Battle of the Fiery Beast IV" Sep 27, Highland, NY

For more complete, upcoming event information

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Barony Beyond The Mountain Archers Reign Supreme
Both the East Kingdom's King's and Queen's Archery Champions have been won by members of BBM
Congratulations to
Kraken, won The Queen's Championship
Orvar, won the King's Championship

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