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Baronial Officers

Baron and Baroness

Baron Icon  Baron Icon    eloiseyule2013  Baroness Icon

Baron Dorigen of Lewes and Baroness Eloise of Coulter

Bob and Kris Schlain
17 Bittersweet Lane
Burlington, CT 06013
(no calls between 7:30pm and 8:30pm, or after 10:00pm)

email the
Baron:  :
Baroness  :


(Chapter President)

Karlsdottir      Karlsdottir

Mesterinde Anarra Karlsdottir

Terry Neill

email the Seneshal

Deputy to the Seneschal

Lady Leandra de Leon

Suzanne Kunz
58 Alice drive
Manchester CT 06040

email the Deputy Seneshal

Deputy to the Seneschal

Mistress Elizabeth Vynehorn

Sue Scoville

email the Deputy Seneshal

White Oak Pursuivant of Arms  (Herald)

grimolfr   grimolfr

Lord Grimolfr Skulason

Robert Tanguay

email the Herald

Deputy White Oak Pursuivant of Arms 

grimolfr   cammadevice

Mistress Camma an Daraich

Camma Orchard

email the Deputy Herald




Lady Ciara McRobbie

Anne Akin

, CT 06
860 (best #)
Text: 860- (2nd Best)

email the Exchequer


Web Minister

(Keeper of These Pages)

& Deputy Exchequer

Web Minister      Gwilym device

Lord Gwilym of Fflint

William Davis

between 9am and 9pm please

email the Web Minister

Deputy Web Minister

(Assistant Keeper of These Pages)

Deputy Web Minister      Constance device

Lady Constance Navarre

Sandy Fuller


email the Deputy Web Minister


(Greeter of New Members)


Lady Gwenllian Ferch Llewellyn

Lisa August Stevens


email the Chatelaine

Deputy Chatelaine

(Greeter of New Members)

      Sybill device

Sybill Teller

Margaret Peckham


email the Minster of Arts & Science

Minister of
Arts and Sciences

(In charge of Crafts)

AlysduBois      Alys device

Lady Alys du Bois

Danielle Anderson


email the Minster of Arts & Science



Johanna      Johanna Icon

Lady Johanna de Glastingburi

Jane Brezzo
146 Prospect St
Glastonbury, CT 06033

email the Chronicler

During the weekday, the best method of contact is by email
At night and on the weekends - phone

Deputy to the Chronicler

Lady Emme Attewater

Contact the Chronicler

email the Deputy Chronicler, via the Chronicler

Minister of the List

(In charge of running the list for marshal activities)

Mark's Photo

Mak of the Red Hand

Mark Stevens

email the Minister of the List

Knight Marshal

(Master of Marshal Arts)

Angus Photo

Angus Gove MacKinnon

Todd Howard
6-9 P.M.

email the Knight Marshal

Company Captain
of Archers

(In charge of archery activities)

Rumhann's device    Rumhann's device

Rumhann MacDuibhsithe an Bhlog Seolta

Sean Mahaffy

email the Company Captain of Archers

Marshal of
Thrown Weapons

(In charge of thrown weapons activities)

Michael Longstryde

Michael Christian Longstryde

Michael Intemann
28 John Beach Rd
Newtown, CT 06470
before 9pm please

email the Marshal of Thrown Weapons

Youth Marshal

(In charge of youth activities)

Web Minister

Karrah the Mischievous

Karina Whitaker
178 Rt 2A
Preston, CT 06365

email the Youth Marshal

Marshal of Fence

(In charge of fencing activities)

grimolfr   grimolfr

Lord Grimolfr Skulason

Robert Tanguay

email the Marshal of Fence

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